Polenta Sausage Bake

  • Prep 20 min.
  • Total 25 min.
  • Serves 8
  • Polenta Sausage Bake
Don't overlook the wonderful change of pace that polenta makes from pasta or rice. This dish is sure to become a frequently requested one.

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What You'll Need

  • 24

    ounce prepared polenta, cut into 1/2-inch-thick slices

  • 1/4

    cup grated Parmesan cheese

  • 1

    pound sweet or hot Italian pork sausage, casing removed

  • 1

    large zucchini, cut in half lengthwise and sliced (about 2 cups)

  • 2

    cup Prego® Traditional Italian Sauce OR Prego® Roasted Garlic & Herb Italian Sauce

  • 6

    ounce shredded fontina cheese or mozzarella cheese (about 1 1/2 cups)

How to Make It

  • 1

    Heat the oven to 400°F.  Arrange the polenta slices to cover the bottom of a 3-quart shallow baking dish, trimming the slices as needed to fit. Sprinkle with the Parmesan cheese.

  • 2

    Cook the sausage in a 12-inch skillet over medium-high heat until it's well browned, stirring often to break up the meat. Remove the sausage from the skillet.  Pour off any fat.

  • 3

    Add the zucchini to the skillet and cook for 3 minutes or until it's tender. Stir in the sauce and heat to a boil. Return the sausage to the skillet. Cook until the mixture is hot and bubbling. Spoon the sausage mixture over the polenta. Top with the fontina cheese.

  • 4

    Bake for 25 minutes or until hot and the cheese is melted.